Do you view/dismantle existing barns?

Unfortunately, we do not view/dismantle existing barns at this time.

Would you be interested in buying barn wood and/or lumber from me?

Thank you for asking! Unfortunately, at this time, we do not buy barn wood outside of our current sources.

Has your reclaimed barn wood been treated?

Yes, all of our reclaimed barn wood has been de-nailed and treated in a kiln for about 3 weeks. This not only reduces the moisture content of the wood, but also eliminates any bugs or termites previously living in it.

What all do you sell?

The most common types of reclaimed barn wood we sell are beams, boards, and siding. In addition, we also sell mantles, shelves, barn doors, tabletops, countertops, live edge slabs and more!

Do you need to make an appointment to visit?

Our showroom is open to the general public. No appointments needed!

Do you have a return-policy?

In general, we do not accept returns after 30 days. For any special/custom orders, we do not accept returns. Please accompany any returns with your original receipt.

What types of wood species do you sell?

We carry a variety of wood species, with our most common being oak, pine, and poplar.

Do you offer custom options?

Of course! Currently, we offer custom options for shelves, tabletops, benches, countertops, mantles, barndoors, and more!

How long does it take for something that is custom-made?

Typical lead times for anything custom-made is around 4-5 weeks.

How do you price your reclaimed barn wood?

Aside from our fixed-pricing for certain pieces, all of our reclaimed barn wood is priced by either the square foot or linear foot.

Do you carry the hardware to hang shelves, mantels, and barn doors?

Yes, yes, and yes! We have various hardware options to hang our shelves and mantels, which include lag bolts and L-brackets. For our barn doors, we have 6’ and 8’ track kits in various styles.

Do you install shiplap walls, shelves, barn doors, etc.?

We personally do not, but we do have a few installation experts that we recommend!

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What is Reclaimed Wood?

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